Real estate developers in Guyana are positioned to benefit substantially in both the short and long-term, however the resources and vendors needed to successfully market such developments have not been present in the local market... until now.

GF’s marketing approach to large-scale real-estate development is based on philosophies and experience that have been honed over many years and many developer clients in North America.

GF’s proprietary methods in helping large scale real estate developments succeed in Guyana will be unparalleled.

Property Appraisal & Valuation

Whether you already own property in Guyana or if you're looking to purchase a property, the fact remains that this will be one of the hottest  real estate markets in the world for decades to come.   Historically, it has been very difficult to understand how values are placed on properties in Guyana. This stems from the wide assortment of properties and the tremendous variance between them. Generally speaking, the owner of a property pretty much makes an educated guess as to what it’s worth and buyers are presently at the mercy of a terribly unscientific and unpredictable process.

As Guyana enters an era where the number of real estate transactions will increase dramatically, standardization of property valuations will become essential. GF is focused on ensuring that our GF Real Estate Professionals are trained, qualified and experienced to advise owners on how to intelligently select their properties market price and more.  Our goal is always to minimize the amount of time a listing spends on the market and obtain the best return for the owner.   

Related, yet a totally separate issue, another conundrum is caused within the lending industry by the unpredictability of property valuations. Banks and lenders similarly have a tough time figuring out what a property is truly worth. GF recognizes that property appraisals are a relatively novel concept in Guyana. We understand the risks that banks are undertaking without a complete picture of the assets/ collateral. GF’s Property Appraisers are just what the doctor ordered to remedy this situation.

GF’s Partners view these services as a way for our firm to be a leader and a good corporate citizen.  We look forward to assisting property owners in assigning fair market values on their properties for sale, and also lending institutions by providing comprehensive standardized property appraisals. GF hopes that by offering these services we can be an integral part of improving how business is done in the real-estate landscape of Guyana.

We invite you to contact us if you're thinking of selling your property and you'd like to have one of our GF professionals assist you with a property valuation, or if you are a bank or lending institution seeking a partner for comprehensive standardized property appraisals.