Guyana Properties Inc Enters Real Estate Industry

Guyana Properties Inc Enters Real Estate Industry

— over 100 to be employed, a gamut of local and international services on offer

A SUCCESSFUL group of international business leaders officially joined the real estate industry in Guyana offering new services while opening up vacancies for over 100 persons under their company Guyana Properties (GP) Inc. GP Inc. that is a one-stop-shop for “World Class Real Estate Services”. This was disclosed on Friday by their legal representative Attorney, Sase Gunraj, at a press briefing held at Parc Rayne, Rahaman’s Park, East Bank Demerara. The company representatives are Myrna Nieves (President), who is a successful US-based business leader with decades of experience in the financial services and real estate industry; Paul Ramkissoon (Chief Technology Officer); Shivnarine Chanderpaul (Chief Marketing Officer, West Indies cricket legend); and Chief Executive Officer, Surendra “Chris” Thakoorpersad. Gunraj, who is also the firm’s managing partner, said the company is incorporated in Guyana and the United States and is specially designed to address the deficiencies in the “unruly” real estate market in Guyana. “The idea was birthed out of a distinct need for proper real estate services in Guyana but it is more than just real estate; this company intends to offer a full gamut of services relating to the land industry, including but not limited to property management, title services, appraisals and general marketing that will be unprecedented in the current way real estate business is carried out in Guyana,” the attorney, who heads prominent law firm, Gunraj and Company, said. He said the company promises a North American style approach to the industry with a definite and distinct local flavour. Gunraj noted that when the services are rolled out, over 100 persons are expected to be hired as the company aims to work with the regulatory agencies to ensure the market is regulated and upgraded. Further, he said that Guyana Properties Inc. intends to work with local players towards the development of the industry, to benefit all.


“The rising tide should raise all boats, so in this instance, it is not about Guyana Properties coming to compete and run away from the rest of the persons in the industry; it’s about getting everyone on board to ensure the real estate industry is revolutionised,” Gunraj explained. Noting that Guyana lacks the legal and legislative framework to govern the real estate industry, Gunraj said Attorney-General, Anil Nandlall, has made public pronouncements about introducing legislation to regulate the industry. “That is something Guyana Properties welcome, in addition to that it is hoped that if there are stakeholders consultation etc in developing that legislation before it reaches Parliament, we would have an opportunity to have an input there,” he emphasised.
GP Inc’s President, Myrna Nieves said all persons hired by the company will be fully-trained to ensure all aspects of the company’s operation is a success. “We are looking to train persons from the Principles of Real Estate to the closing of the process. They will be prepared to facilitate the process and partner with everyone involved as a team. We want to offer the people of Guyana a real estate service that is effective and efficient for all throughout Guyana,” she said. The company, she said will also be targeting real estate investors, Guyanese ex-pats, and retirees over the world. “We believe Guyana can be the Dubai of the Western Hemisphere and a snowbird destination,” Nieves said. According to Chief Technology Officer, Paul Ramkissoon, the company technology will be unsurpassed with specially designed apps, and an unparalleled database with 12 services, nine of which do not exist in Guyana.


Additionally, Ramkissoon, who has a company that builds software, said the American and European audience will be interested in Guyana, “because it’s an English-speaking country with warm climate, when its cold up North in New York and Toronto, they don’t have to be an ex-pat from Guyana, they want to go to a place where they can have a vacation home and have their dollar stretch a little more, we are targeting the world.” He continued: “Everyone is interested in Guyana now, we have been on the ground meeting with people, meeting with investors and other folks and there are Ukrainians and Saudi Arabians here because everyone knows Guyana will be the next great thing within the next decade.” West Indies cricket legend, Shivnarine Chanderpaul said he is a partner in the company and understands the mandate that is needed to ensure that the company is successful with international services. Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Surendra “Chris” Thakoorpersad, who is a successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses and decades of real estate experience in both the United States and Guyana, said he sees a tremendous need for real estate services in Guyana. He noted that GP is looking for all their staff to be trained and certified to ensure all clients receive excellent service. “We will be merging technology, training, certification, and developing partnerships. This is where we will create an environment of a one-stop shop for real estate,” the CEO said. He noted that persons interested in the services or working for the company can visit the company’s website at

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